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Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and the right advice and guidance are extremely important. Experience and expertise matter and they can make a significant difference in making sure that you not only find the right house but that you also pay the best price.


At The Hinton Group, we not only have a thorough understanding of the marketplace, but we also provide undivided loyalty, independent market research, expert knowledge, and 100% client dedication. This city demands an honest and intelligent real estate professional who will stay by your side throughout this process and advocate on your behalf. We will help you make sense of the market by offering a comprehensive buy-side analysis.

New York has one of the most competitive housing markets in the country. Having the best representation is not only smart but crucial. There is a huge misconception that working directly with a listing agent will automatically grant you a deal with the seller. A listing agent is excellent when you’re selling a property, but if you’re buying, then the potential dual agency can often work against you. Many tend to forget that the listing agent works directly for the seller and their fiduciary duties lie with the principal (seller), their job is to get the highest price possible for their client. We guarantee all of our fiduciary duties will stay 100% loyal to you and will look after your best interests as a buyer.


We strive to be the best. We understand how much time and energy it takes to research and locate the right home, which is why we are committed to providing you with the best service possible, to help you succeed in this housing market. Whether your goals are home ownership or investment opportunities, all of our agents are well versed in every aspect of the market/neighborhoods and you should expect them to

Making sure all of your financial information is in complete order

Know this perpetual changing market and research your criteria accordingly

Listen to ALL of your housing needs

Schedule ALL home viewings on your behalf.

Provide unbiased feedback

Market Valuations and Comparables

Negotiate to get you the price

Board Package preparation

Walk-through Procedures


The vast majority of listed properties in New York are represented by listing agents. Without a buyer’s broker to represent your best interests, the listing agent will assume dual agency. If this occurs, the seller’s agent’s loyalty will be strictly to the seller as their job is to sell for the highest price possible. Therefore, in negotiations, they will always favor the seller. It is crucial to have an agent that will strictly negotiate on your behalf. There will be lots of obstacles during the negotiation phase, such as counter offers, bidding wars, co-op/condo worthiness, etc. Our well-trained, seasoned Buyer’s agents know exactly how to handle every single obstacle that comes their way. Integrity Agents have established a great reputation for working extremely well with our colleagues in the industry and have been known to win a few bidding wars because of such.


In New York, all real estate agents are compensated through the proceeds of a sale (closed transaction). Real Estate commissions are always paid by the seller/principal and are agreed upon via seller/brokerage prior to listing the apartment. Commissions are usually set to 5-6% which is split between the sellers and buyer’s agent which means as a buyer, you are not obliged to pay any additional expenses per the commission. Another misconception is that working directly with the listing agent could save you money off of the deal. This usually will not apply since the commission structure has already been set in place between the principal & the agent and a listing agent/sales agent will not discount their portion of the commission to execute both sides of the transaction as it only results in more work for them.


Are you selling your apartment but don’t want to pay a commission or sign an exclusive agreement? At The Hinton Group, we are an exclusive Buyer’s Agency, which means we only work on the buy-side of the transaction and will work with sellers directly. The only agreement you will sign is to acknowledge you will pay the buyer’s agent commission upon bringing you a qualified buyer and closing escrow. We showcase listings every week via email/mailings and will digitally feature a select few in our Quarterly Hinton Report.

We have a very large network of Buyers/Investors from around the world that are constantly searching for great deals in New York City & Jersey City. For more information on how to include your listing in our mailings – Please contact Nolan Taylor Hinton at nolan(at)hintongroupre(dotted)com | T Call 646.462.0466.



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